Looking forward to 2021

2 Apr 2021dota2, team Dota 2 team took off to a great start in what was perhaps the most difficult year for all esports organizations. While 2020 marked our beginnings in the Dota 2 field and we obtained better results than we even dared to anticipate, we are looking ahead to an even greater 2021.

It wasn’t easy to build a team, to do all the training online and have access only to online competitions while restrained by the world lockdowns. But we consider ourselves lucky to have actually got the chance to gather everyone in a bootcamp just before the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. The only time we got to welcome our entire team to Oradea, Romania gave us the opportunity to build a strong chemistry between our players and forge bonds that empowered us to push in the highest tiers.

While we conquered over 10 tournaments in the past year, we are looking forward to what 2021 has to offer for the Dota 2 competitive scene. We are committed to make our fans proud and that’s why our main goal is to qualify for The International 10. We fell short in the first season of Dota Pro Circuit Europe League, but starting the second season from the Lower Division only motivates us even more to push harder.

As exciting as it was, the one year long run through nearly 30 online tournaments has presented us with a great opportunity to develop, learn, and grow as a team, but it also has put a toll on some of us. That’s why, this year we aim to fully focus on the TI and we hope that we will be able to welcome everyone to a bootcamp again and work together to make another dream come true.

Dota 2 Roster

Indji “Shad” Lub // Twitter //
Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan // Twitter //
Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann // Twitter //
Adam “Aramis” Moroz // Twitter //
Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp // Twitter //
Coach: Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza // Twitter //

Results are important, however they are not the essential factor for our current roster. We strive to become one of the best teams in the world and while everyone wants to feel the sweet taste of  victory, we all know that in every defeat is a lesson to be learned. We want to assure our fans that one of our main objectives is to solidify the chemistry of our Dota 2 team and, regardless of how the year will unfold for us, to keep the roster intact through good and bad.