2 Apr 2021team is a Romanian organization that strives to build a solid teamwork mentality within its ranks in order to reach the highest peaks. We believe that no dream is too big to turn into reality and that’s why in late 2019 we plunged into the esports world by fielding a Dota 2 roster of five young players with no competitive experience.

Having on our side the great analytical and strategic mind of ImmortalFaith to guide our Dota 2 team headed by Seleri, we started our path having full confidence that the hard work will bring the desired results.

But our starting line-up consisting of Indji “Shad” Lub, Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan, Adam “Aramis” Moroz, Tobias “Tobi” Buchner and Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp surprised everyone, including ourselves, by exceeding all expectations set for the first year of our existence. Despite all of us having to change all our plans for 2020, the team stayed focused and quickly started to make waves in the online competitive format. From winning lower tier tournaments, to qualifying to ESL One Los Angeles 2020 and taking down OG and Team Secret, undoubtedly two of the strongest teams in the world, we managed to reach one of our most important goals: to have an organic growth for our team.

 Today we are happy to be able to celebrate and share our best moments with our fans who discovered us through our results. Your presence motivates us even more to push further and set sights on the bigger stages. While we are proud that we managed to claim over 10 tournament titles in our first year, we are committed to prove ourselves in the offline format when the time comes, and to make our fans proud for taking the way!